Request a personalized meeting with our economic and commercial attachés during their annual return to Belgium.


Once a year, the economic and commercial attachés of the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency return to Belgium, either collectively or individually.

On the occasion of these Business Days, they can meet with any Wallonian company which is interested in international development, as part of a personal interview.

Topics including market approach, the search for partners and/or prospects, the follow-up of ongoing commercial procedures, legal questions, etc., can all be addressed.

Calendrier des Business Days

Toutes les dates de retour des Conseillers économiques et commerciaux

Further information


Any Wallonian company which is already exporting, or intends to.

Terms of the contribution

The Business Days are a free service provided by the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency.

Terms of registration

Consult the calendar regarding the return of Economic and Commercial Conseillers during the Business Days. Registrations can be made by email or by phone at the regional centre where you wish to have this meeting.

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